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Mexico – Dental Services


Would you rather pay $1,400.00 for a crown that took extra days for the Edwards, Colorado dentist to order from a lab, or would you rather pay $450.00 to $500.00 for a crown from a Playa del Carmen, Mexican dentist, who actually owns several hundred thousand dollars in lab equipment in his office to enable his staff to build and fit the crown – all in one day!


So, with a $450.00 porcelain crown using the Cerec 3D system, or with the $500.00 US full-size zirconium crown using the Cerec 3D system, plus $500.00 each approximately for two round-trip air tickets from Denver, Colorado to Cancun, Mexico, Coloradans can get one crown and two airline tickets for the cost of a crown that would probably take a week to do in Edwards.


Install two crowns in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and you just saved enough money to buy two round-trip air tickets and possible a week at the delightful Playa Palms Boutique Beach Hotel, whose advertisement is in this paper.


Other costs, subject to change without notice:  

Teeth Cleaning – $40-50 US

Filling – $80-100 US

Root Canal – $200 US

Implant – $1500 US for  titanium implant and zirconium porcelain crown


Contact Dr. Luis Delgado Carlos at, or call 871-743-5788 for an appointment. Please let his office know that you heard about them from the Business Briefs newspaper in Vail, Colorado.


Mexico – Hotels, Condos and Room Rental Agencies in Playa del Carmen
Foto’s Properties in PlayaCar

Specializing in high quality PlayaCar properties: 1 bedroom condo, 3 bedroom condo, and 4 bedroom home, all with pool and secluded beach access. No cab rides necessary. Only a 3 minute walk from Senor Frogs and the ferry to Cozumel. Email to Debbie at or to Foto at , or call in the U.S. to 913-208-4018 first, or to 816-719-1004 second.


Hotel La Rana Cansada

Very economical and fun hotel in the shopping district, with only a 2 minute walk to the beach. Internet signal available. Bar Ranita is a favorite of Playa locals and English speakers from all over the world. From the U.S. call 011-52-984-873-0389 or email to


Playa Palms Beach Hotel

This romantic boutique beach hotel is conveniently located in downtown Playa del Carmen. From the U.S. call 011-52-984-803-3966 or email to

The Playa Palms Boutique Beach Hotel in downtown Playa del Carmen, Mexico

  • “It’s convenient, picturesque, and right on the beach!” Simone Fodde
  • “Hearing the ocean at night is the best! It’s close to the action, but private and secluded.” Heather Lemon
  • “This place is charming!” Deborah O’Neill

Studios and 1-Bedrooms

Call toll-free from the US to 1-888-676-4431, or also from the US, call 011-52-984-803-3966.

Email to:


Please let them know that you heard about them from the Business Briefs newspaper in Vail, Colorado.



Mexico – Holistic Help & Healing Retreats

Yucatan Wellness
Check out our healing retreat – Yucatan Wellness  or email or call us at 970-393-2111. Exercise your power and right to change today!

Mexico – Wedding Planning Services

Weddings In Playa
Legal, religious, non-denominational or Mayan wedding services. From the U. S. call 011-52-1-984-128-5785 or email to

Leadville, Colorado – A Victorian Town with Western & Mining Heritage
The Historic Delaware Hotel Built in 1886

The Historic Delaware Hotel is on the National Register of Historic Places and features Legendary Lodging and Legendary Shopping. Just a short, beautiful 45 minute drive from Vail, The Delaware features antiques and collectibles, jewelry, gifts and a western-romantic clothing boutique. Call 1-800-748-2004 or email to